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Meet your neighbor: Carlo Rao


Editor’s note: Carlo Rao is a 16-year-old exchange student rom Moerfelden-Walldorf, Germany, near Frankfurt. He is living with a host family in East End.


Arkansas family: My host parents are Wesley and Suzanne Trussell, and their sons are Benjamin, 17, and Simon, 16.


Birth family: My parents are Ercole and Ute Rao. I have two older brothers, Luca, 23, and Nico, 20.


Describe East End using up to five words: Small, nice country town.


Favorite food you have tried in the U.S., and who cooked it? Mac-n-cheese by my host mom.


What is your favorite television show you have seen since being in Arkansas?: The Office on Netflix.


What would you say is the biggest lesson you have learned during your stay?: The one thing that I've learned in my experience here is to remain open minded since many things are done different here.


What is the one thing you were most surprised about in America?: The “drive-thru bank”. (The drive-through window at the bank.)


Do you hope to come back to America and why?: Yes,  I would like to return to the States to visit all of my friends and family that I have made since I have been here.


What will be the one thing you will tell everyone in Germany about your life here this school year?: I will tell everyone in Germany about how each high school has many team sports in which you can participate during the school year and how it influences who your friends are and your school life in general. I played both football and soccer for Sheridan.


Did you travel during the year and if so what was your favorite destination?: Yes, we travelled to several places including Fayetteville, Eureka Springs, Houston, San Antonio and Washington DC. My favorite was when my host family and I went to Houston over Thanksgiving week, and we got to go to a Houston Texans football game.


What are your future plans? Finish school in Germany and possibly return for American college.