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Meet your neighbor: Dr. Marlon J. Doucet


Family: My wife is Tanya. Children are Christian, a control systems engineer in New Orleans; Andrew, a PhD student in accounting at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville; Alexandra, an equestrian coach in Savannah, Ga.; Daniel, a nursing student in Little Rock; Brittany, a graduate student working on a masters in counseling in Dallas (married to Erald Kuqi); Courtney, a Navy corpsman in Southern California; and Lauren, who is currently working in the service industry. We have two Schnauzers, Fritz and Friedrich.


Occupation and volunteer work: I’m an emergency medicine physician at the VA ER in Little Rock. I volunteer as medical director for MEMS Special Tactics Advance Response Team offering medical support to multiple SWAT agencies, federal and local. Work to bring “Stop the Bleed” training to all Arkansas school nurses, and ultimately, to faculty and students.


What is one thing you would put on your bucket list?: Complete America’s Great Loop in my own boat, a circumnavigation of the eastern U.S. intercoastal waterway from the Gulf of Mexico up the eastern seaboard, up the Hudson River to the Erie Canal, Great Lakes, to Chicago, then down to the Mississippi River to Tennessee Tom River back to the Gulf. This is a 6,000-mile and about one- to two-year journey.


If there was one rule everyone had to follow, what would that be?:  Love one another.


If you had an all-expense paid trip to see a world monument, which monument would you see?:  Not actually a monument, but I would like to take my wife and I to Israel to walk and experience the land in which our Savior, Jesus Christ, lived.


Best advice someone has given me is: From two of my mentors, Dr. Norman McSwain, who said, “What have you done for mankind today?,” and Dr. Albert Barocas, who said, “Act in a manner of humbleness.”


What hobby would you get into if time and money weren’t an issue?:  I wish I could get back into flying airplanes. At one time, I held a commercial instrument multi-engine rating, and got my helicopter rating.


If you could spend the day with anyone past or present, who would that be and why?: President John F. Kennedy, a true unifier of a nation, visionary, at a time when a nation needed one. I wonder how different of a nation we might be if he were not taken from us.


What could you give a 40-minute presentation on without any preparation?: Stop the Bleed, toxidromes, indentification and treatment. And for fun, boating rules of the road and safety.


What is the one question you want to know the answer to?: “Why are so many amazing people taken from us at such young ages?”