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Meet your neighbor: Michael Arnold


Family: My wife is Lou Arnold. We have a son, Ashton, and a daughter, Kaylee.


Job and volunteer work: I am a technology specialist for the Sheridan School District. I volunteer as a Sunday School teacher and DJ for middle school youth at East Union Missionary Baptist Church. (Editor’s note: Michael is also a new board member for I CAN! of Arkansas in East End.)


What is one thing you would put on your bucket list? I want to travel to Japan with my cousin, Justin. He grew up there because his parents were missionaries. I loved hearing his stories.


Biggest pet peeve: Double standards. When there is a set of rules and procedures, then everyone should follow them.


When I was a kid, I dreamed I would be: I wanted to be a garbage truck guy, so I could ride on the back of the truck and crush all the garbage.


Best advice someone has given me is: “You like computers – you should do something with them.“ This came from my high school counselor when I was trying to figure out what I wanted to go to college for. I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life.


In my fridge there is always: Cheese.


If you could trade lives with anyone for one day, who would that be and why?: It would be my dad. I want to see how bad it was to deal with me when I was a teenager.


What is your hidden talent?: My hidden talent is that I can juggle – kind of.


If you had a time-travel machine, what year would you travel to and why?: 1955. I want to experience the world that my mom was born into. I would like to see how different it is from now.