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Meet your neighbor: Tammy Rash


Family: I’ve been married to Mark (a.k.a. Mr. Rash) for 30 years. We have three children. Mallory is our oldest. She is married to my favorite son-in-law, Cole Elledge. They are the parents of my sweetie pie, Emory Belle. Jonathan is the middle child and married my favorite daughter-in-law last year. Our youngest child is Mackenzie. She’s 16 and a junior at Sheridan High School. 


Job and volunteer work: I work for pay at Baptist Health. I’m currently working as a technical support analyst. It still amazes my children that I work with three computers in front of me every day. I don’t know why this impresses them more than when I worked in the clinical field. No biggie, I just helped save lives each day back then. CPR, 6-hour long procedures, getting called in at 3 a.m. to take care of someone critically ill ... why would that be impressive, right? I work for free at my church, Fairview Missionary Baptist Church, where I serve alongside Mark as youth director. I’m also a Sunday School teacher, secretary of our Ladies Auxiliary group, and my unofficial jobs are: craft coordinator, calendar maker and  professional list  maker.


What is one thing you would put on your bucket list? One thing on my bucket list is to visit Alaska.


Biggest pet peeve: Wow, it’s hard to narrow this down to just one! I think it would have to be using incorrect grammar. Not that I’m a grammar expert by any means. But using to, too, there, their, they’re, an, and, want and won’t incorrectly drives me nuts.


When I was a kid, I dreamed I would be: A teacher. I changed my mind but I married one instead. I still got to enjoy grading papers. Of course after the first year I decided that was no longer fun.


Best advice someone has given me is: When I have something that is overwhelming me, my best friend says, “It’s an elephant – you have to eat it one bite at a time.”  It’s her really sweet way of saying, “Slow down and quit worrying.”


In my fridge there is always: A bottle of ketchup, at least two bottles of BBQ sauce, lemons and at least three bottles of salad dressing.

If you could trade lives with anyone for one day, who would that be and why? Joanna Gaines facinates me. I’d love to live in her shoes for one day. I think she is beautiful.


What is your hidden talent? So, I wasn’t sure how to answer this, so I did one of those online quizzes. It was a great surprise that the survey said my hidden talent is a Private Picasso. I do love crafting of all kinds. I also love to serve others. I enjoy planning fun group activities for our ladies group or for the youth at church.


If you had a time-travel machine, what year would you travel to and why?  I would like to travel back to the days of Noah. I’d love to find out just how they lived with all those animals on the boat.