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Meet your neighbor: James Whitfield


Family: Married to Melissa Whitfield and they have two sons and a daughter: Michael, 19, Skylar James, 14, Summer June, 10.


Occupation: Plant and field operator, East End Water Department.


Volunteer activities: Helping out friends and neighbors. I often mow yards, help carry groceries and run some neighbors to the store and lend my non-existent mechanical skills to help repair their cars as needed. I just hate to see someone need things done and not be able to do it. As long as I’m able to do it, I will volunteer to help them.


Hobbies: When I’m not busy with work and not on-call, I enjoy getting away to relax by camping and spending time with the family. Favorite spot to camp is Lake Catherine  because of the quiet, and beautiful nature. We enjoy hiking to the waterfall, fishing and swimming and just relaxing by the campfire


Dream vacation: Trip to Hawaii. Trying to accomplish that in the next 5-10 years.


Biggest pet peeve: Bad drivers.


Biggest advice I’ve ever been given: “Listen to your wife.”


Most folks don’t know: that I spent 4 years living in New York working at  Sagamore Hotel, where I met many famous people and musicians such as Rachel Ray, White Snake, Heart, Rush, etc.


What I like most about East End: The friendly people and small community. I love running into people and that everyone speaks to you and knows each other. That’s a great small town feeling.


One word that sums me up: Hard-working.


Favorite meal: Lasagna.