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Jeremy Orman

Why are you running for the Sheridan School Board?

                The Sheridan School District is very special to me.  The 12 years spent in the district as a student attending both East End and Sheridan Schools prepared me for college and the workforce.  I am blessed and thankful for the many educators, administrators, coaches, counselors, and staff that poured their time and talents into my life.  It is now my turn to give back to the communities and the school district that have given so much to me.  I am running to serve the educators and staff that are the backbone of our schools, to insure all students have a chance to succeed by becoming lifelong learners, and to continue to build upon the heritage of our district by using my business and interpersonal skills.


What are your qualifications?

                As treasurer of Arkansas Hunters Feeding the Hungry, it is my responsibility to budget and be creative with fundraising to support the 500,000 meals provided annually.  I am also president of the East End Community Association providing a place for the boys and girls of East End to play sports; all via volunteer work and very tight budgeting.  I chose the above mentioned organizations because they impact families and children on a daily basis.  In addition to board experience, I am a Vice President at Peoples Bank analyzing financials on a daily basis.  Also, the fact that I was raised in and graduated from the Sheridan School District allows me to have familiarity with the schools.


What do you see as the greatest concern facing our school district and what would you do to fix it?

                 The most immediate concern is a byproduct of great things happening in our district; the completion, staffing and logistics coordination of the new schools in East End and Sheridan.  It is vital to continue to unite all the communities that make up the vast layout of our district, to continue to bring in talented educators, administrators and staff that daily mold our students, and to be fiscally responsible with the resources we have.  The overall concerns for all districts, including ours, are closely related: technology and bullying.  We must continually strive to provide our educators the most up to date technologies needed to grasp the attention and interests of our students; while learning and/or creating the best safeguards against bullying via the ease of technology in order to insure all students have a safe environment to learn and grow.


What is your general philosophy regarding public education?

                The original philosophy of public school also known as “common schools” was to: provide universal access to free education, guarantee equal opportunities for all children, unify diverse populations, prepare people for citizenship and to become economically self sufficient, and improve social conditions.  Although these philosophies were introduced in the 1850s, they still have value today.  Parents need to promote responsible and respectful behavior,  and teachers need to be given the resources and planning time needed to meet the different needs of students.  Administration needs to lead and support the teachers by fostering programs and relationships within our communities, investing completely in the lives of children, and students will become active lifelong learners who will one day come to understand and appreciate the free education provided to them.


Why should East End residents vote for you? 

                 People may say they are from a town like ours or may make promises to stand up for us, and on occasion people who aren’t from East End will keep those promises.  East End residents can be assured they have one candidate who grew up in East End, who personally knows the people and families in our community.  East End residents have one candidate with deep roots in East End and serves the community that he loves.  It is our town and our school district that I take pride in being from and serving with unwavering support.  Vote Jeremy Orman May 21st for Sheridan School Board because I am from here and I am for here.