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Jan Caldwell

Why are you running for the Sheridan School Board?

                I am running for the Sheridan School Board because I have a passion for education, and I have educational experience.  I began my teaching career in the Sheridan School District 40 years ago.  Both of my children graduated from Sheridan High School, and my daughter teaches 1st Grade at Sheridan Elementary.  My heart is in the past, the present, and the future of the Sheridan School District.  The district is already doing great things.  I am willing to devote my time, energy, and my knowledge of education to continue this trend into the future. I will work hard for the well-being of ALL students in the Sheridan School District.


What are your qualifications?

                My qualifications for serving on the Sheridan School Board include a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Henderson State University and a Master of Education degree plus thirty additional hours from Louisiana State University in Shreveport, Louisiana.  I taught school for 33 years, 17 of which were in the Sheridan School District.  While serving as a federal programs coordinator for six years, I helped disperse approximately $500,000 of district money.  I was instrumental in securing grants for various school districts including an Arkansas Better Chance grant for a three and four year old pre-school program.  While participating on various state committees in the education field, I served on a committee charged with writing state curriculum.  I have taught over 3500 students in my career and served as a mentor for intern teachers.  I taught an Introduction to Education class as an adjunct professor for Southern Arkansas University.  After retirement I have continued to be involved in education by volunteering at various schools throughout the Sheridan School District.


What do you see as the greatest concern facing our school district and what would you do to fix it?

                I think the Sheridan School District is very fortunate not to have some of the major concerns that other districts experience.  However, I feel the safety and well-being of our students is a concern, not only for our district, but for most districts across the nation.  Teachers are charged with a huge responsibility of making sure students are kept safe while at school.  No one knows that better than I do.  Spending 33 years in a classroom with the responsibility of making sure students are safe will definitely make a person realize the importance of safety at school.  I feel that the Sheridan School District has made great strides in making our campuses safe; however, it is pertinent that we continue to research and implement best practices in keeping our students safe. 


What is your general philosophy regarding public education?

                My philosophy of public education is that ALL students deserve the right to a free and equal education.  Every student is unique and deserves to have a stimulating environment where he/she can grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially.  Students deserve to have a safe environment in which they can learn and grow.  Students should be prepared to go into the work force of the 21st century.   The workplace of today looks very different from the workplace of the 20th century.  When students leave school today, they will be competing in a global marketplace.  They will need critical thinking skills, collaboration skills, technological skills and creativity.  The schools of today must reflect this new world of education and support the changing views of pedagogy.


Why should East End residents vote for you? 

                I feel that I am a qualified candidate whom all Sheridan School District residents can feel confident in casting a vote for me because we are one district.  When making decisions for the Sheridan School District, I will consider the best interest and well-being for ALL students in the Sheridan School District, regardless of the community in which they reside.